About Us

At the center of Mascheroni Construction is family. Founded in 1989, Mascheroni Construction began with the brothers deciding to use the values and talents taught to them by their parents to help people improve how they live. Over the years, the company has grown with more and more jobs and more and more family members. With many of the employees staying with the company for over ten years, the entire atmosphere is one large extended family.

Each project we build represents a part of us, and a part of our family. We tie the pride of our family name into the quality of each and every project we undertake. Every one of us cares about you, your family, and your project. This is why past clients say they actually enjoyed their remodel. In fact, some actually miss us after we leave.

On each job, through the constant interaction we make on both a professional and personal level, we understand the true meaning of family and community. After being involved in the remodeling industry for over twenty-five years, we have learned a lot about other people and what family means to them too.

We are part of a unique profession that immerses us and the families of our clients in the complex day to day interrelationships of the “family unit”. We become an active participant in the dynamics of the teardown through the reconstruction of the family home. Through this special process a relationship is forged between us and our clients’ families that can never be broken.

"The secret to great projects involves people and relationships. At the end of the job, we do not just give you a building with four walls and a roof. We give you a home that captures who you are. We, in some unique way, create a foundation for your life experiences."

"A home is a timeline of your life, with a past, a present, and a future."

Rob Mascheroni – co-founded in 1989. Rob brings over twenty years of hands on construction experience to the company. Rob is responsible for the supervision of all field activities. He represents a new caliber of field personnel, able to combine classic craftsmanship and skill with contemporary theories of leadership and project management.

Andy Mascheroni - co-founded Mascheroni Construction in 1989. Previous to this Andy had ten years construction experience. He has an engineering background and is responsible for estimating, office finances, and overall company planning.

Tim Mascheroni – Tim brings over twenty-five years of field construction experience to Mascheroni Construction. Tim has an architectural background. His ability to analyze problems and to solve problems in real time is one of his most valuable attributes. Tim has an impressive depth of construction knowledge, as he has been both on the architectural (design) side, as well as the practical field construction side.