The Construction Journey and the Process and Things that Make Us Unique…

Construction Process

Some see contractors as simply builders. They drive up in their truck, unload the material, and build you a project. We see it differently; the construction project should be an enjoyable process. It is an opportunity to build a relationship with the customer, and deliver a result that surpasses their expectations.

Before even picking up the tools, we want to establish a relationship with the customer. During the pre-construction stage we meet with you and listen. We find out before the process what you know, what you don't know, and what concerns you. From this initial meeting, and hopefully many after this, we hope to establish a partnership with you and your family. Once the project has begun, this relationship will maintain; we will go through the project line together. There will be constant communication; questioning, processing, and resolving all the unique issues that every project involves. Meetings are at your disposal on site, in our office, at coffee shops, all the time we will be talking and working together.

We will be a partner in this construction journey with you; traveling together through pre-construction, during construction, and even post-construction. At the end of this process we make sure that you understand and know as much about the intricacies of your home as we do. If there are any issues when we leave your job, we guarantee to quickly return and resolve whatever problem has arisen.

Not to mention, you will be provided with warranty binders, replacement parts, maintenance manuals, and product lists beforenbsp;we wrap up your project and sweep up those last bits of sawdust. We believe that our relationship with you does not end. It continues into any future work you may need on your home.

Job Estimates and Computer Models

Mascheroni Construction believes in providing quality and value in every job they take on. Determining the price of a construction project can prove to be one of the most challenging aspects of a contractor's job, and that is why we have developed a technique for estimating projects that proves much more accurate than competitors.

Our process involves the creation of a computer model of the project. This development essentially allows us to virtually pre-build your project down to the last stud or beam. Not only does this process allow for much more accurate estimates, but it gives our employees the opportunity to visualize the construction sequences before they take place. As a result, our employees work more efficiently, and produce a higher valued product.

Professionals on Staff

We have discovered that good projects become great by bringing together a team of individuals who are driven together by a deep passion and desire to produce the best product possible. In order to better facilitate the work involved in your project, we have both a licensed architect and a registered engineer on-staff. They have the knowledge base that provides solutions to challenges that will inevitably occur during projects. Many of these solutions or suggestions made can end up saving our clients money in the end.


Mascheroni Construction has received numerous awards and acknowledgements. We were awarded Best of HOUZZ for both service and design for multiple years. Mascheroni Construction projects have been added to HOUZZ owners' Idea Books over 250,000 times, and this number continues to grow.

In addition, MC has had articles published in noted journals such as:

"Better Homes and Gardens": Young at Heart, a Lovely Palette and convenient features Lend Youthful Spirit to a Traditional Victorian Kitchen

"National Association of the Remodeling Industry": The Family Factor